Electric bikes in Gosforth Central Park

E-bikes are popular all over the world and increasingly popular in the UK as more people take to bikes for shopping, commuting and leisure. You pedal an e-bike just like a normal bike and the motor gives you a boost when needed to travel further, climb hills or carry shopping and children with ease. They’re a fun and practical way to get about and stay active, especially for older people or those that might not otherwise be able cycle.

We wanted to give e-bikes a go and to give people in Gosforth an opportunity to have a  go as well, so on Saturday 16 April we borrowed a couple of e-bikes from the Cycle Hub and set off back to Gosforth. Although the e-bikes are power-limited by UK law and they only work when you are pedalling, there was plenty of oomph to get up the hill from the Quayside and we were in Gosforth Central Park in no time, already with big smiles on our faces.

These are some of the people who came along and what they said about e-bikes.

“Just Brilliant – I want one!”

“Car drivers beware of this future technology – fantastic”

“V.Smooth, A good experience”

The UK rules on e-bikes state that they have to have a maximum power of 250W or less and the electric motor must be speed-limited at 15.5mph. Any e-bikes that meet these criteria can be used anywhere a normal bicycle can go and do not need to be registered or insured.

Thanks to The Cycle Hub, Sustrans, Newcastle City Council and Friends of Gosforth Central Park for all helping to make this happen.

Here are some links to local shops that sell e-bikes in Newcastle: Cycle Centre UKEdinburgh Bicycle Coop, CJ Performance Cycles, Start Cycles.

You can also hire an e-bike at the Cycle Hub.

If you know other cycle shops in Newcastle that stock e-bikes please do post a link as a comment.