Traffic Crash Injury 2020

In 2020 two people were killed and over fifty seriously injured on Newcastle’s roads alone. These are not ‘statistics’, they were mums, dads, children, friends and neighbours. Four of those serious injuries were on or near Gosforth High Street. Almost two thirds of those seriously injured were classified in official reports as being pedestrians or cyclists.

Although the vast majority of incidents are still not reported in the media, other than to warn of potential delays, thanks to local press and police reports we know some of their stories, which we have collated in this blog.

Many if not all of these injuries could have been avoided with a combination of enforcement and, more importantly, road layout changes. Some of those changes might require people driving to take slightly longer routes or not to drive so quickly. Ultimately we each need to decide whether we want safe streets where people aren’t killed or seriously injured and where our friends, families and neighbours can walk or cycle without fear of being hit by a motor vehicle, or if we are willing to tolerate other people being injured so we can get home a bit quicker for journeys when we drive.

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Summary information for injuries due to road traffic collisions can be found on the CrashMap website or on the North East Road User Casualty Dashboard maintained by the Traffic and Data Unit (TADU).



Man taken to hospital after being struck by bus on Chillingham Road in Heaton

“A pedestrian was taken to hospital after being hit by a double decker bus in Heaton. Emergency services were called to Chillingham Road , near to Meldon Terrace, after a Stagecoach bus collided with a 22-year-old man just before 9.30pm on Sunday.”
ChronicleLive 6/1/2020

Man crossing Blackett Street on mobility scooter died after being hit by bus ‘obscured from view’ [Incident 12/2/2019]

“A dad who tried to cross a busy Newcastle city centre road in his mobility scooter was hit by a double decker bus that had been “obscured from his view” by a bus travelling in the opposite direction”
ChronicleLive 15/1/2020

Driver taken to hospital following two vehicle crash in Byker
ChronicleLive 16/1/2020

Person taken to hospital after two-vehicle crash in Heaton
ChronicleLive 20/1/2020

Boy suffers serious head injuries after being hit by bus in Gosforth High Street
ChronicleLive 21/1/2020

“He had a hematoma on the brain and was going to have surgery to release the pressure. He also had a cracked rib and hip, injured feet and facial damage. … The boy suffered a lump on his head, two broken ankles, a chipped pelvis and a gaping open wound on his right leg.”
ChronicleLive 2/2/2020

Man taken to hospital with chest pains following two-vehicle crash in Newcastle city centre
ChronicleLive 23/1/2020

Watch cannabis farmer trying to flee police at up to 120mph in dangerous chase in Newcastle
ChronicleLive 23/1/2020

Over the limit and behind the wheel: The drink drivers already convicted in 2020

“Abigail Dobson had not even passed her test when she got behind the wheel of her mum’s car and crashed twice after necking a bottle of vodka. The 26-year-old was more than three times the legal limit when she smashed into a parked car and then a taxi in Heaton, Newcastle.”
ChronicleLive 25/1/2020


Shocking footage which went viral on social media of a danger driving deliberately running a man down in Newcastle city centre.

“Walmsley admitted assault causing actual bodily harm to the man, having previously admitted dangerous driving, driving while disqualified and having no insurance.”
ChronicleLive 1/2/2020

A drink-driver was caught after he crashed into another vehicle while travelling along Newcastle’s Great North Road.

“John Arkle struck another car causing “some injuries” to the occupant while he was over-the-limit and behind the wheel of his Peugeot 308.”
ChronicleLive 2/2/2020

Slipper-clad pensioner hit pedestrian at busy Newcastle city centre junction then drove off

Trevor Harrison said it was his footwear that made him miss the brakes of his Mercedes as he travelled down Dean Street to the crossing with Mosley Street. The 75-year-old hit a man, who had stepped out to cross the road at the traffic lights, but was prevented from being more seriously injured as he was pulled back by a relative.
ChronicleLive 12/2/2020

Four car crash on Central Motorway leaves one lane blocked
ChronicleLive 15/2/2020

Elderly woman taken to hospital after being knocked down by car in Gosforth

Emergency services were called to Gosforth High Street at around noon on Tuesday to reports a pedestrian had been hit by a car. An 89-year-old woman was left seriously injured and was taken to the Royal Victoria Infirmary. Sergeant Matt Sykes, from Northumbria Police, said: “This was a serious collision which has left a woman with significant injuries in hospital.”
ChronicleLive 20/2/2020

Police closed the High Street as paramedics issued treatment to the pensioner at the scene before taking her to hospital
ChronicleLive 18/2/2020

Driver escaped as car went up in flames on Coast Road slip road towards Walkergate

“The Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service said the driver had been able to get out and the fire had been caused by a fault.  During the blaze, the slip road was blocked to traffic as the fire took hold of the car and thick black smoke rushed into the sky.”
ChronicleLive 19/2/2020

Suspected Newcastle drink driver flipped car as he checked pockets for cigarettes

“A suspected drink driver was rescued from his car after he flipped it while rooting through his pockets for a cigarette. Michael Dodds had to be pulled from his Vauxhall Astra by the fire service as it lay perched on its side and only being prevented from falling on to its roof by a pedestrian barrier.”
ChronicleLive 21/2/2020

Notorious roundabout among North East’s most dangerous junctions revealed by traffic accident figures

“The Blue House roundabout was the North East’s most dangerous junction over one year, figures have revealed. The results reveal that the Grandstand Road / Great North Road junction in Gosforth was the worst for accidents in the North East, with nine taking place there. Newcastle City Council has promised investment to improve the “notorious junction” as part of a wider transport plan.”
ChronicleLive 22/2/2020

Two men taken to hospital following motorcycle collision in Gosforth

“Emergency services were called to Hollywood Avenue shortly after 7pm on Monday following reports of the crash. The men, who are believed to have both been on the motorbike, had both suffered head and leg injuries and have been taken to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle.”
ChronicleLive 24/2/2020

HGV driver caused rush hour delays after crashing into car in Newcastle

“Paul Akers was in his first day on the job behind the wheel of a supermarket lorry when he clipped a small Citroen vehicle and sent it flying into railings. Substantial damage was caused to the Citroen but, fortunately, its two occupants suffered only minor injuries.”
ChronicleLive 27/2/2020

MARCH 2020

Pedestrian taken to hospital with suspected broken hip after being hit by bus in Newcastle

“A pedestrian had been struck by a single-decker Stagecoach bus outside the train station. The male pedestrian was taken to hospital by ambulance with a suspected broken hip.”
ChronicleLive 4/3/2020

Gosforth HIgh Street

Not reported in the local press, a collision over-night on 12-13 March took out four traffic light poles and two guard rails. Neighbours reported hearing a loud bang early in the morning, and a comment on the SPACE for Gosforth Facebook group was that “one of the metal railings had a bumper mangled through it, was quite a way down the road too.”

On 16 March Boris Johnson advises that all unnecessary travel should be stopped.

Lower the Baseline

On 22 March, a group of doctors launch the “Lower the Baseline” campaign to help reduce the pressure on the NHS from non-Covid injuries and conditions. They say there are “over 35,000 non-deadly hospital admissions due to road traffic accidents every year. More than 10% need intensive care, including ventilators.” Their proposals to to reduce the number of hospitalisations due to road traffic collisions include reducing speed limits and better protection for people walking and cycling.

From 24 March schools close.

Lee Regan, of Fenham, led police on a 40 minute police chase through Newcastle in a stolen Jeep Cherokee

“He went through at least three red lights, there was heavy traffic at the time, there was aggressive driving, he drove through a pedestrian zone and he was carrying passengers at the time.”
ChronicleLive 31/3/2020

APRIL 2020

Man to appear in court over death of Newcastle University student Emma Guilbert

“Emma Guilbert died after she was allegedly hit by a car in the Fenham area of Newcastle in November 2018. Emma suffered catastrophic injuries. She was taken to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle, but nothing could be done to save her life and Emma died three days later.”
ChronicleLive 1/4/2020

Uninsured driver crashed girlfriend’s car in Lemington while going to buy cigarettes as she slept

“Lee Peacock picked up the keys to the Ford Focus in his partner’s house and got behind the wheel, despite having on insurance or licence or her permission to drive it. A court heard that the 34-year-old was going to a friend’s house to borrow money in order to buy cigarettes when he crashed into a van on Lemington Road, in Lemington, Newcastle.”
ChronicleLive 8/4/2020

Woman taken to hospital after car overturns and lands on roof in A1 crash

“A woman involved in a crash on the A1 in Newcastle was taken to hospital after a car flipped over in the collision.”
ChronicleLive 14/4/2020

MAY 2020

Danger driver who used his car as a weapon to send man flying in the Bigg Market is jailed

“A danger driver who deliberately ran a man over in Newcastle city centre had a history of using cars to frighten and intimidate people. Daniel Walmsley sent a man flying through the air and into a lamp-post after losing his temper during a row in the Groat Market.”
ChronicleLive 1/5/2020

Man, 28, dies and another seriously injured after motorbike crash in Newbiggin Hall

“A 28-year-old man has died at the scene of a motorbike crash in Newcastle, which left a second man seriously injured. Emergency services attended and found the two men and a motorcycle believed to have been involved in the collision near the scene.”
ChronicleLive 3/5/2020

“First picture of man, 28, killed in Newbiggin Hall motorbike crash as man charged with murder”
ChronicleLive 3/5/2020

“A driver who chased down and killed a thief who stole his motorbike has been jailed for 10 years. Mihai Dinisoae and determined to hunt down Joshua Molloy and Mikey Dunwiddie after they stole his Honda from outside his home in Fenham, Newcastle. CCTV captured him ramming the back wheel of the bike with his Vauxhall Vectra once before continuing the chase and smashing into it from behind a second time at around 56mph, catapulting the two men and the bike through the air on May 3 this year.”
ChronicleLive 16/12/2020

Car collided with train at level crossing near Fawdon station causing Metro delays
ChronicleLive 5/5/2020

‘shocking and appalling’ driver lead police on high speed chase through Newcastle West End
ChronicleLive 14/5/2020

Pedestrian taken to the RVI after being knocked over in Walker
ChronicleLive 28/5/2020

JUNE 2020

Driver doing 82mph on Barrack Road in Newcastle among 1,000 clocked speeding
ChronicleLive 1/6/2020

Three people are in hospital after an ambulance vehicle crashed while responding to a 999 call.
ChronicleLive 29/6/2020

JULY 2020

One person taken to the hospital after two vehicle collision on Jesmond Road
ChronicleLive 9/7/2020

Cyclist airlifted to hospital after collision with a car in Benwell
ChronicleLive 10/7/2020

Car flips on it’s roof after collision between two vehicles on a road in Walker
ChronicleLive 11/7/2020

Man charged with drink driving after car left on its side following Walker crash
ChronicleLive 13/7/2020

Car leaves trail of destruction after crashing into railings and wall at Walker home
ChronicleLive 21/7/2020

See the wreckage after car crashes into wall outside Fenham home
ChronicleLive 22/7/2020

First footage from the scene after car smashes into jewellery shop in Newcastle’s West End
ChronicleLive 23/7/2020

Two people taken to hospital after motorbike crash in Benton
ChronicleLive 26/7/2020


Man arrested after collision in Byker leaves pedestrian fighting for his life
ChronicleLive 17/8/2020

Man taken to hospital after car flips onto roof in crash in Jesmond

“Police were called out to the incident on Osborne Road in Jesmond at just after 4pm on Monday following reports of a collision, during which a car overturned. The road was closed as emergency services worked at the scene and a man was taken to hospital by ambulance suffering from neck, chest and hip injuries.”
ChronicleLive 24/8/2020

Child taken to hospital after being hit by car in Newcastle

“A child has been taken to hospital after being hit by a car in Newcastle. Emergency services were called to the scene of the collision in the Willow Avenue area of Fenham at just before 5pm on Monday. The road was closed as paramedics worked to treat the child who was then taken by ambulance to the Royal Victoria Infirmary.”
ChronicleLive 24/8/2020

First picture of five-year-old boy who died after being hit by van in Fenham “Layton Darwood was fatally injured after he was involved in the collision with a Ford Transit van on Willow Avenue at around 4.50pm on Monday”
ChronicleLive 25/8/2020

Heartbreak in Fenham as community mourns the death of five-year-old Layton Darwood
ChronicleLive 25/8/2020

Tears flow at funeral of motorcycle-mad Fenham boy Layton Darwood
ChronicleLive 11/9/2020

Pensioner taken to hospital after being hit by vehicle in Gosforth
ChronicleLive 26/8/2020

Cyclist taken to hospital following crash near Newcastle park
ChronicleLive 26/8/2020


Jesmond Road tragedy: Man to appear in court over death of Ann and Lawrence Nickerson
ChroncileLive 3/9/2020

Driver who knocked down boy on bike in Walkergate but wouldn’t call ambulance asked to come forward

“A driver who hit a schoolboy on his bike and left him needing stitches is being asked to contact police. However, rather than call an ambulance, the driver offered to take the child home to his parents.”
ChronicleLive 4/9/2020

Woman left with life changing injuries following suspected Benton hit-and-run
ChronicleLive 14/9/2020

Melissa Tate’s heartbroken mum begs drivers to learn from her beloved girl’s death

Drink driver crashed into three parked cars during first night out after lockdown

“The defendant was found drunk within the vicinity of the vehicle and he failed a roadside test. The court heard that Farrell-Hayton gave a reading of 102 microgrammes of alcohol in 100ml of breath when the legal limit is 35. Farrell-Hayton was fined £538 and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £54 victim surcharge.”

Driver faces further charges in relation to Jesmond crash that left couple dead

“Asif Hussain was already accused of failing to report or stop after an accident when his vehicle allegedly struck Ann and Lawrence Nickerson near the Punch Bowl, on Jesmond Road, in Newcastle, last November. But, the 23-year-old, who made his second appearance in court on Tuesday, has now learned he is also being charged with causing the death of the childhood sweethearts by careless driving.”
ChronicleLive 28/9/2020

West Denton pensioner banned from roads after smashing into car and fleeing the scene

“The pensioner, of Greenlaw, in West Denton … pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention, driving without insurance, failing to stop after an accident, failing to report an accident and driving with no insurance.”
ChronicleLive 29/9/2020

Crash involving lorry and car

“There has been a collision between a lorry and a car on the A1 north near the junction 79 slip roads. At about 2.20pm police received a report of a collision between a HGV and a car on the A1 near to the junction with Kingston Park. Nobody has been seriously injured at this time but emergency services remain at the scene.”
ChronicleLive 29/9/2020


Law student banned from roads after staff at his halls reported him drink driving
ChronicleLive 2/10/2020

Wallsend drink driver more than FOUR times over limit found slumped at wheel
ChronicleLive 2/10/2020

Collision involving car and bus

“A crash involving a car and bus has been blocking Collingwood Street in Newcastle city centre. A picture taken at the scene shows the significant damage to the bus.”
ChronicleLive 5/10/2020

Banned Walker driver found passed out drunk at wheel of car in middle of busy street
ChronicleLive 6/10/2020

Drink drivers banned from the roads after being caught over the limit in the North East
– a round up of some of the cases heard in the North East over the last few months.
ChronicleLive 10/10/2020

The speed cameras where most North East drivers get caught out for once not including Gosforth in the top 10. Our previous analysis of police data suggested over 500,000 speeding vehicles pass the camera at the south end of Gosforth High Street each year so even when working the cameras are only picking up a fraction of speeding vehicles.
ChronicleLive 17/10/20

On 18 October 2020, this picture was posted on the SPACE for Gosforth Facebook group showing a white vehicle crashed into the bushes on the far side of the road closure. The green barrier just to the left of the vehicle is the planter that was previously part of the closure.

Car crashed at Castle Farm Bridge

Search for driver who fled from crash in Denton Burn after flipping other car onto roof

“It was reported a silver car had been in collision with a grey Ford, causing it to rest on its roof, before leaving the scene.The driver of the Ford, a 60-year-old male, sustained minor injuries in the incident. Inquiries to trace the other vehicle and its driver are ongoing.”
ChronicleLive 26/10/2020

Man in court accused of driving his car at police after being pulled over in Walker

Two lorry drivers taken to hospital following crash on the Central Motorway


Woman charged with drink driving after one-vehicle collision in Newcastle

“Emergency services were called to Whickham View in the Scotswood area on Thursday evening after reports of a one-vehicle collision.”
ChronicleLive 6/11/2020

Distracted driver in Jesmond head-on crash was chatting to his daughter, court told
ChronicleLive 11/11/2020

Police car involved in collision outside Tup Tup Palace in Newcastle city centre
ChronicleLive 15/11/2020



Man banned from driving for life after causing death on road found behind wheel

“Andrew Jobes, from Walker, was jailed in 1998 for causing death by dangerous driving and was permanently disqualified but flouted the order for the fourth time when he was caught travelling in his Mitsubishi”
ChronicleLive 5/12/2020

Fears that someone could die at Scotswood Road accident blackspot after two crashes in two days

“Two people had to be taken to hospital after a car and a van collided there last Friday, while there had been another smash at the same location the previous day. Mr Ridley says the junction has been a long-standing safety concern due to drivers’ view of oncoming traffic being obstructed when they try to turn right towards the Honda garage – causing them to edge out dangerously without being able to see if anything is coming in the opposite direction.”
ChronicleLive 17/12/2020

Thousands of drivers found guilty of speeding on North East roads during pandemic
ChronicleLive 18/12/2020

Fenham drink driver left car running in street after returning home from party during lockdown
ChronicleLive 23/12/2020

The stories behind the heartbreak: More than 30 people die on North East roads

“This year has seen a heart-breaking number of lives lost in collisions on the North East’s roads.

“The tragic death toll of 2020 includes five-year-old boy Layton Darwood, who was hit by a van near his home in Newcastle’s West End, and loving dad Barry Armstrong, who died after the car he was in smashed into a house, in South Shields.

“Today, as we pay tribute to some of those who went out and never came home, the mum of one of the 33 tragic collision victims has revealed the true scale of the shock and devastation that comes with losing a loved one on the roads.”

Walkergate drink driver caught after forgetting to put headlights on
ChronicleLive 28/12/2020

For collisions and injuries in Newcastle upon Tyne prior to 2020 see our blog Traffic Crash Injury 2019.

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  1. S Falconer

    Gosforth high street has been made a critical danger to motorists and pedestrians due to the ridiculous coned off area which no one uses increasing the crawling traffic movement on both sides of the high street
    The lines of crawling traffic heading south causing massive increase in pollution- between two major schools – the high street was nominated as a clean air area by the same councillors who are making the area even more unsafe

  2. SPACE for Gosforth Post author

    It would be worth you checking out our blog on the High Street here:

    We looked at the pollution monitoring and in September 2020 when traffic is usually terrible due to schools re-opening the pollution was actually less than 2019 so what you say isn’t supported by the evidence.

    Crawling traffic is also relatively safe compared to fast moving traffic, and having one lane (where it is one lane) + 20mph is very likely to make the High Steret much safer. If you have a particular scenario in mind though please say and we’ll have a look at that but the idea there is now a ‘critical danger’ is pretty far-fetched. The greatest risk to safety on the HIgh Street will be when the Council remove the bollards and return it back to what it was – and we know from the stats that Gosforth High Street is a bit of a black spot.

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