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Join us now for free. Help make Gosforth a safer, healthier, and better place for everyone of all ages and abilities to walk and cycle around. Joining SPACE for Gosforth is one of the simplest and easiest things you can do to support what we do.

To join SPACE for Gosforth click on the large green JOIN US button just under the logo at the top right of this page. If on a mobile device the JOIN US button is at the bottom of the article below the comments box.

Like many other voluntary groups, SPACE for Gosforth uses Mailchimp to manage our email address list and to send updates about what we are doing. Mailchimp’s Privacy Policy is here.

SPACE for Gosforth is run by a group of Gosforth residents who want a healthier, safer, liveable and accessible Gosforth: safe to get about, safe to meet, safe to play, safe to breathe. You can read more about us including our full set of objectives on our About Page.

Rather than just opposing change, we work with other local people and groups, look at the issues and propose solutions based on what’s been found to work elsewhere in the UK or in similar situations around the world.

You can read about what we do on this website including… Blue HouseHaddricks MillKillingworth RoadGosforth High StreetGarden villageSouth Gosforth Greenthe City Centrethe Town MoorRegent CentreBroadway.

Or your can access our blogs by topic: walkingcyclingchildrensafetyplanningair quality,  green spacessafe routes to schoolsparkingspeeding,  retailinactivity,  public transportaccessibilitythe weather, or by year for 2015 and 2016.

You can also follow what we do or join in the debate in our Facebook group and on Twitter, and we also have Flickr and You Tube accounts. If you want to drop us a line to say hello you can also contact us by email at

You won’t be an ‘official’ member if you just follow us on Facebook or Twitter though. To become a member of SPACE for Gosforth please click on the green JOIN US button just under the logo at the top right of the page.

Thank you for being part of SPACE for Gosforth!

 Zoe the guide dog sitting down with guide dog harness beside her  

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