Traffic Crash Injury 2021

This is our third blog sharing local media stories about people killed or injured in road traffic collisions in Newcastle upon Tyne. In 2021 there have been two fatalities and over seventy serious injuries on Newcastle’s roads.

Serious injury and death on the roads is not inevitable. To a large extent, injuries from road traffic collisions are the result of political choices that have prioritised saving a few seconds on a journey over people’s wellbeing and safety. When we see articles praising the bravery of recovering victims, particularly children, we often wonder why politicians and road designers weren’t brave instead to act on safety concerns and minimise the danger.

As in previous years, the vast majority of incidents where people are hurt are not reported in the media, so this is only a snapshot. Incidents are most likely to be reported following a court hearing, but that doesn’t mean incidents not reported in the media are any less serious.

Transport North East has, this year, set a target that no one should be killed or seriously injured from a road traffic collision in the North East by 2025. The Government has separately committed, in its Gear Change:One Year On review, to publish a new road safety strategic framework using the Safe System approach.

The Safe System approach requires road design that encourages safe behaviour and is forgiving when people make mistakes so that injuries are not serious or fatal. The recent 20mph speed limit on Gosforth High Street is a good example of this. It also means understanding what causes the greatest danger and targeting enforcement to mitigate that danger. Making streets safer also helps reduce the burden on the NHS and Emergency Services.

Bar chart showing a bar chart of what kills vulnerable road users.

What kills most on the road?

Bar chart from The What kills most on the roads? report
by the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS).

The Northumbria Police initiative to allow the public to submit dash cam footage of dangerous driving is also proving successful. According to a recent tweet out of 7,200 incidents reported over 4,300 have resulted in a fine. The team now process 400 submissions a month with about 60% of submissions leading to some sort of action.

Also launched in 2021 were Road Collision Reporting Guidelines to improve consistency and accuracy of media reporting of road traffic collisions. We have had a go at suggesting some alternative headlines based on the new guidelines. If you think you can improve on our suggestions please let us know in the comments.

Summary information for injuries due to road traffic collisions can be found on the CrashMap website or on the North East Road User Casualty Dashboard maintained by the Traffic and Data Unit (TADU). The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) has also produced a Constituency Road Safety Dashboard.

We have recorded injuries from road traffic collisions in previous years in our blogs Traffic Crash Injury 2020 and Traffic Crash Injury 2019.



Drug-driver caused life-changing injuries to student

She was left with multiple serious injuries, was in hospital for five weeks, had to complete her studies in a wheelchair, which she had to use for months, and is still suffering the physical and psychological effects almost two years on.

Her injuries included a broken knee, ruptured cruciate ligament, five pelvic fractures, fractured ribs, a broken nose, lacerations to her head, bruising and she lost two front teeth.

“My walking speed is significantly slower than it was and slower than my friends walk.

“I have anxiety when walking near roads and can no longer walk down Jesmond Road. I now take other routes but I’m constantly nervous and strive to walk in the same direction as the traffic.

“I’m extremely hyper-sensitive and regularly flinch at the sound of vehicles and I’m nervous crossing the road.

“I have sought help from a psychologist.

Speeding driver knocked over elderly couple and left them dying…

Heartfelt tributes paid to ‘childhood sweethearts’ killed in hit-and-run as Fenham driver jailed
ChronicleLive 16/1/2021

“Today brings us closure on the criminal proceedings but in no way does it bring any relief,” they said.

“Our family and all those that knew and loved our parents are still grieving their loss.”

Jesmond drink driver caught after attending lockdown breaking house party
ChronicleLive 22/1/2021

Elswick mechanic banned from roads caught test driving cars FIVE times
ChronicleLive 25/1/2021


Alternative headline: Emergency services called after a driver collides with a lamppost.

Kingston Park drink driver crashed into tree while trying to avoid hitting cat

“She had to swerve out the way when a cat ran out into the road and she lost control. She broke her toe as a result and was in a lot of pain and was in a supportive boot for some weeks. She can’t believe how stupid she’s been. She’s going to pay a high price for the decision.”
ChronicleLive 7/2/2021

Police release dashcam footage after two vehicles crash into car at traffic lights before fleeing

“The driver of a blue BMW 318d reported that he was waiting at a red light at Hampstead Junction when he was hit by two vehicles from behind. Dash-cam footage from his vehicle showed the grey 4×4 and a red car, possibly a VW Golf, smash into the back of the vehicle at high speed.”
ChronicleLive 8/2/2021

Alternative headline: Police release dashcam footage after two drivers crash into car at traffic lights before fleeing

Girlfriend and sister of driver lied to police after he killed 10-year-old Melissa Tate in Kenton
ChronicleLive 10/2/2021

Dad injured in terrifying ‘Fast and Furious-style’ crash in Newcastle as police hunt for drivers

“Trapped behind the wheel at traffic lights, this driver feared he would be killed as two cars smashed into him in a movie-style crash. The two mystery drivers then disappeared into the night, leaving the father injured in his car. Almost three months on from the crash, which Babak has described as like a scene from the Fast and Furious action films, police are still hunting the reckless motorists.”
ChronicleLive 16/2/2021

Banned driver avoids jail after being drunk behind the wheel for FOURTH time

“Officers spoke to the driver and he was clearly intoxicated. Checks were conducted and it showed the defendant was a disqualified driver and had no insurance. Dalton was arrested and later gave a reading of 85 microgrammes of alcohol in 100ml of breath when the legal limit is just 35. The court was told that the road menace had 19 offences on his record, including eight involving motoring.”
ChronicleLive 19/2/2021

MARCH 2021

Alternative headline: Teenager taken to hospital after being hit by a bus driver

One person taken to hospital after collision on Chillingham Road

“One person was taken to hospital after being hit by a vehicle at the junction of Chillingham Road and Shields Road on Wednesday”
ChronicleLive 10/3/2021

Queues for more than three miles on the A1 at Denton Burn following a four-car crash.
ChronicleLive 13/3/2021

Driver denies two charges after Four Lane Ends crash that left woman with ‘life-changing’ injuries
ChronicleLive 16/3/2021

HGV driver arrested on suspicion of drug driving after 1am crash on Great North Road

“A force spokesperson said: “Shortly before 1am this morning (Thursday) we received a report of a one vehicle collision, involving an HGV on Great North Road, Newcastle. The road was closed at Blue House roundabout while officers and emergency services attended the scene and local diversions put in place. The driver, a 22-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of driving while over the legal limit of a controlled drug and remains in police custody at this time.”
ChronicleLive 25/3/2021

Alternative headline: The crossings where collisions were most common have been revealed.

APRIL 2021

Councillor opens up on PTSD battle after terrifying car crash that left him fighting for his life
ChronicleLive 30/4/2021

MAY 2021

Drink driver faces jail after being caught over the limit two days after being banned from the roads

“The 50-year-old was breathalysed and recorded a reading of 60 micrograms per 100 millilitres of breath, which resulted in him being banned from the roads until 2024. But on April 26, less than 48 hours after leaving court, Dedman was again spotted getting out of his Mercedes CLS220 in Great Park near Gosforth. He was again found to be nearly twice the legal limit of 35 micrograms and now could be jailed as a result of his actions.”
ChronicleLive 4/5/2021

Drink driver more than three times the limit at 9am had necked gin in his van
ChronicleLive 15/5/2021

Boy, 10, taken to hospital with serious injuries after being knocked down in Gosforth

“A 10-year-old boy was crossing the road near Gosforth Central Middle School when he was struck by the Land Rover.”

The victim later needed to have his foot amputated as a result of the collision.
ChronicleLive 28/5/2021

JUNE 2021


Drink driver crashed into parked cars after celebrating birth of child with pal
ChronicleLive 4/6/2021

‘I don’t know how to drive sober let alone drunk’ – court confession of drink driver
ChronicleLive 17/06/2021

Drunk motorist snared after HGV driver spots him travelling erratically on Tyne Bridge
ChronicleLive 26/6/2021

Dad facing driving ban after riding e-scooter drunk in Newcastle City Centre
ChronicleLive 28/6/2021


JULY 2021

Drink driver’s breath reading accused of being ‘off the scale of court guidelines’
ChronicleLive 4/7/2021

Alternative headline: Emergency services called after driver crashes into barrier and mounts pavement.

Two men die in Newcastle following a police pursuit

Flowers left at scene of fatal Newcastle crash as police appeal for information
ChronicleLive 26/7/2021

Police name men who died in crash following police pursuit in Newcastle
Connor Davison, of Prudhoe, and Andrew Milburn, of Crawcrook, lost their lives in the fatal collision on Barrack Road
ChronicleLive 27/7/2021



Alternative headline: Girl,7, left with life-changing injuries after being knocked down by HGV driver.

Little girl hit by truck outside Newcastle primary school still in hospital two weeks on
ChronicleLive 4/10/2021

“She suffered serious leg injuries and spent 11 weeks at the Royal Victoria Infirmary hospital where she underwent several major reconstructive surgeries.” ChronicleLive 20/12/2021


Road Traffic Collision by Blue House roundabout- reported on the Gosforth Community Group Facebook group 1/10/2021

Felling drink driver smashed into railings in front of police officer
Robert Gifford crashed his Vauxhall on Benton Road shortly after midnight and in full view of a constable ChronicleLive 2/10/2021

Newcastle drink driving student caught after travelling too slowly en route to get cigarettes
ChronicleLive 3/10/2021

Teenager fighting for his life and another person seriously injured after Newcastle city centre crash
ChronicleLive 3/10/2021

Joyriders arrested after abandoning car in woodland after helicopter pursuit across Newcastle “Two suspected thieves, aged 25 and 27, have been arrested after a dangerous police pursuit involving a helicopter.”
ChronicleLive 12/10/2021

Newcastle driver fled from police on deflated tyres after stinger used to stop him
“Knowles, 25, of Slatyford Lane, Newcastle, has been spared jail after he pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, driving without a licence and without insurance, failing to stop, and possession of cocaine. The court was told the defendant had never passed a driving test, yet he had six points on his licence from a previous offence of driving without insurance.”
ChronicleLive 14/10/2021

Severe delays of 60 minutes and queueing traffic for five miles due to a collision involving two vehicles on the A1 Western Bypass
ChronicleLive 21/10/2021

Uninsured Walker driver caught while over the limit for cocaine and cannabis
ChronicleLive 25/10/2021

Alternative headline: Cyclist taken to hospital after collision with driver in Newcastle city centre

Byker drink-driver caught at McDonald’s drive-thru with 11-year-old daughter in car
ChronicleLive 30/10/2021

South Shields drug driver crashed into lorry after pulling out of bus stop on Great North Road
ChronicleLive 30/10/2021


Kenton drink-driver attempted to ditch car and run into house in bid to avoid police
ChronicleLive 1/11/2021

From Cramlington:



Thank you from SPACE for Gosforth to the officers and staff at Northumbria Police and Newcastle City Council who are working to reduce road danger to make Newcastle’s streets safe to walk and cycle on, and to NHS and Ambulance staff for helping those that are injured.